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Rainbow Art is awesome! I love how they have fun events and Rainbow Dollars. I also like how there are different levels because then you look forward to achieving another level. I learned a lot more about art since I became a student there. I had a lot of fun learning at Rainbow Art. All of the teachers are really fun and encouraging. I love Rainbow Art.
— Jocelyn T., Spring 2018 Student of the Quarter
Rainbow Art is definitely a gem in Monterey Park. I was looking for a good art school for my daughter that taught different types of art and techniques, and this place has it all. I feel like Rainbow Art has a good balance of really teaching the students the techniques and making it fun and enjoyable. The teachers are great and they really develop a good relationship with the kids. My daughter always looked forward to class and was excited to finish whatever she was working on. I am amazed at the art work that she has done with Rainbow Art. I feel like my daughter has improved in skill and love for art. Mrs. Trisha and Mr. Darren are awesome teachers and you can tell that they really love their jobs.
— Veronica T., Rainbow Art parent

Finding Darren is a godsend, he taught my son so much! I feel like my son has been transformed from a doodler to an artist, from doing black and white line drawings to making artwork in living color. We so appreciate Darren’s expertise, support, patience, and encouragement.
— June C., Rainbow Art parent

My son has been going to Rainbow Art for about 8 years now and the opportunities he’s had for advancing his artistic expression have been wonderful. Darren has been instrumental in motivating and bringing my child to new heights of creativity and imagination. I highly recommend Darren to anyone interested in art, whether it be for enjoyment and hobby, or seriously considering it as part of their future job employment.
— Shirley W., Rainbow Art parent

When my daughter’s progress in art hit a plateau, we decided to get private tutoring from Darren, who came highly recommended. With well thought-out lessons given by Darren, my daughter has new-found passion for art and her skills have improved. Within a few short months, Darren was able to teach her strong foundational tools that she would be able to use forever. It truly has been an enriching experience for my daughter.
— Suzie L., Rainbow Art parent