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OUR values


Those who teach should do

Our values of Education, Communication, and Integrity are the foundation for all of our programs, activities, and partnerships. We are committed to educating our students and their parents in the visual arts, communicating with our students and their parents about what is happening in the classroom, and providing all of our services with the utmost integrity.


We at Rainbow Art teach visual art because visual art is what we do. All of our teachers are currently working as professionals in the visual arts industry. Because of this all of our teachers have a deep understanding of artistic development.



A good process leads to a good finish

Our studio is focused on teaching students to understand the “how” and “why” of image creation. We value and teach the process which leads our students to finishing their pieces well.


The success of a piece here at Rainbow Art is determined by the effort of the students and how they apply the methods, principles and techniques taught in class. Even pieces considered “unsuccessful” play a special role and are in fact invaluable to the process of artistic development. We ask that our students come to class with humility to learn, diligence to work hard and discipline to practice at home.







Darren Inouye    Director

Darren Inouye


Trisha Inouye    Assistant Director

Trisha Inouye

Assistant Director


Darren and Trisha Inouye, a husband and wife team, became Rainbow Art’s directors in 2017. As graduates of ArtCenter College of Design, working professional artists, and experienced teachers, they hope to bring their unique vision to serve the students and families of Rainbow Art, the greater community of Monterey Park, and beyond.



Janna    Studio Manager


Studio Manager

Susanne    Rainbow Canvas (Sunday) Director


Rainbow Canvas (Sunday) Director

Deanna    Rainbow Canvas Teacher


Rainbow Canvas Teacher

Angela    Front Desk


Front Desk



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